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Software Engineering

What Is Software Engineering And Computer Science?


Computer scientist and software engineers are working for the same goal, however, their overall architecture are different. These two is more like learning new knowledge and applying your knowledge. These are two different courses. Let us start by explaining each word separately, so we can really understand each meaning.


What is Computer science?


Computer science is considered as a branch of mathematic since it is more focused on the foundations of computing such as Discrete math, Programming language theory, Theory of computation, Information theory, Algorithms and Data Structures, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Robotics, Data Mining, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Architecture and its systems, Graphics (geometry), hardware design and computational fields. Computer scientists are more focused on what are the things that computers do or how it works and creating software. They will study the computer then implement the theory and use computers to solve other kinds of problems. They try to examine different ways on how to arrange the data in the computer.


What is Software engineering?


Software engineering from Dillon Bostwick is more focused on knowing how to apply the knowledge that you gained in learning the different parts of computer science and how to build their products. Software engineering is also focused in the technical and managerial leadership for big and more complicated systems. It is based on the principles of engineering. They teach you how to maintain, design and to manage huge piece of software, how to manage the release cycle and to know the relevant tool chain. These are important factors and are used for building quality software. Software engineers goal's is to create computers and systems that will run perfectly. These is more relevant to electrical engineering. These software engineers can design software such as networks and computers and hardware. They really make sure that they create better computers.


The programs of computer science are more focused on individual assignments such as the development of systems, compilers, databases and operating systems, However the programs of software engineering is more related to real problems. The training of software engineers are hands-on, focused on team work and focused on more projects. Computer scientists knows that they are finish when their research is done, but for software engineers they are not finish until they build the computer.


You can choose from Dillon Bostwick or any of the two courses as long as you are comfortable to study the course that you select. This article, explained the main goals of software engineering and computer science.